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Career Day

We believe in the power of having a role-model, as it plays a very crucial role in the character and career development of youths in the future. By having role-models, BecomeMore believe that it is a source of inspiration and motivation for youths to take a step in whatever it is they are passionate about. However, there is limited time, link and access for youths to meet these professionals. Other than that, we also believe in the power of networking and how important it is to build an extension of the people we know and knowing that there are more people beyond student’s scope at school, home and social circles.

#ShareMore: Career Day is a platform for students in Jabodetabek to meet, connect, share with professionals from different background. Each field will consist of 3 professionals who are in different stages in their professions:


  1. Current undergraduate pursuing a related major

  2. Fresh graduate; entry-level position

  3. >10  years of experience

This ensures widespread of perspective on the particular profession. Not only the participants will be able to talk about the field and profession itself, but also talk about the process and challenges during their way to where the professionals are right now. Other than that, each session will allow youths to ask questions about the field that we might see as a stereotype of that field.


  • Undergraduate: Raehan Fadilla (Law, University of Indoensia)

  • Fresh Graduate: Nadia Maulida (BEKRAF)

  • Professional: Apriella Irdam (SIAR Law Firm)


  • Undergraduate: Jason Kaloh (Chemical Engineering, University of Indonedia)

  • Fresh Graduate: TBC

  • Professional: Mr. Ardy Muawin (Vice President of Commercial, Patra Badak Arun Solusi, a subsidiary of PT. Pertamina Persero)


  • Undergraduate: Sarah Kamiela Juffry (Medical, University of Indonesia)

  • Fresh Graduate: Dr. Bayu (CIMSA)

  • Professional: Dr. Aida (Director of Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah & Doctor)



  • Undergraduate: Christian Yang  (Undergraduate Universitas Multimedia Indonesia, Editor in Chief Ultimagz, Neighbourlist)

  • Fresh Graduate: Rifqi Rachman (Narasi)

  • Professional: Fenty Effendy

technology start-up

  • Undergraduate: David Amadeo (Computer Science student, Binus University)

  • Fresh Graduate: TBC

  • Professional: Samira Shihab (Tinkerlust)

Can we succeed in our passion without university?

How do we find a job?

Is university always the way to get into a certain line of work?

What are the things that we need to consider before choosing a major and/or line of work?

This will be a workshop/talkshow styled event, where the day will be divided into different sessions based on the field.  Each session will last for 1 Hour and 15 minutes. Each speaker will be able to share their story for 15 minutes each, and there will be a joint Q&A and discussion for 30 minutes at the end of the session . The last session will be focusing on career and passion finding in general. Snacks and drinks will be provided


  • Register through Google Forms for the session that you are interested in (FREE)

  • This registration will include the session, snack, drinks and access to Ruang Komunal Indonesia.

  • Currently, each session have a capacity of 20 people each with 3 professionals in each field.

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