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Mimpi Untuk Natuna: Desa Gunung Putri

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Mimpi untuk Natuna (Dream for Natuna): Desa Gunung Putri (Gunung Putri Village). As BecomeMore wanting to outreach to be more than just those who are living in major cities, BecomeMore decided to choose Natuna as one of our destinations!


Natuna Regency is an archipelago of 272 islands located in the south part of the South China Sea in the Natuna Sea. Despite important natural gas reserves, most of the locals work as fishermen or farmers. Natuna is a beautiful tourism destination due to coral reefs are found in the waters. The Natuna banded leaf monkey, Presbytis natunae, is among the 25 most endangered primates on Earth (Lammertink, Nijman, Setiorini, 2003)

By 2018, in collaboration with Indonesia Mengajar and with the help of Indonesian Student Association at UW-Madison, BecomeMore decided to raise awareness on the existence of Natuna Regency as a regency (culture, people, demographics), tourism destination, place that needs more support in terms of education and youth empowerment.


Objective A: Youth Empowerment

1. Help schools

    - Educational Materials

    - Renovation


2. Share papers as an outcome of BecomeMore Youth Conference

3. Support Komunitas Baca Gunung Putri (Reading Community of Gunung Putri)

    - Providing books and other educational materials

4. Support Komunitas Pemuda Natuna (Youth Community of Natuna)

    - Tentative you training

    - Papers as an outcome of BecomeMore youth conference

    - Educational materials

Objective B: Raise Awareness

1. During BecomeMore Youth Conference

    - Video on Natuna Regency and BecomeMore’s effort in helping them

    - Mini-exhibition of Natuna Regency’s beauty

2. During Indonesian Night at University of Wisconsin - Madison

    - Video on Natuna Regency and BecomeMore and PERMIAS Madison’s effort in helping them

    - Booth on Natuna Regency’s beauty


3. Youtube Video & Social Media Posts


4. Selling merchandise on Natuna Regency to raise awareness and gain money for support.

grab yours now!

Rp. 70,000,-

watch the full video here!

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